For a brief moment, we are going to assume you know nothing about what you just clicked on.  There are a lot of resources that explain what cryptocurrency is. This page is here to walk you through the process of getting started and to show you what you can do afterward. Click the logo for each.



You will need a way to hold your bitcoin. If you have a mobile device, you can download Bitpay and from that point you will be able to receive and send bitcoin. Bitpay also offers a debit card that will allow you to pay with bitcoin anywhere. They charge $9.95 for the card, but it's very worth it.



Lolli gives you cashback in Bitcoin when you shop online. It's only for select stores, but you may find something useful on the list.


Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro allows you to trade on the crypto market - which is how we turn our bitcoin into more bitcoin. We will go into detail about trading in another section. For now, get yourself prepared and make an account.

4. Gaming

Duck Dice

A great dice community with lots of users that like to share the wealth. Duck Dice also has an interesting game where you have to click a duck that flies by in the chatroom - just like Duck Hunt. You, of course, receive a bonus if you are quick enough.

Trust Dice

Trust Dice is a long running trusted dice games with a lot of bonus awarded and also has a mining feature that allows you to earn a little extra while you roll.


WinDice is almost just like the other dice games mentioned before it except it has a different betting parameter that has you select a range of numbers and predict whether or not the dice will fall within or outside of that range.


OneHash is a great spot for a slightly different gambling experience. It's got dice with a faucet which is always great but it's got some different games like Goal, Moon, and Sports betting.


A straightforward game where you place a bet and click your way up a trail of squares up to the top of a randomized card while trying to avoid - let's say a '"misstep". Your bet multiplies with every successful guess.


Cryptoskull Is the exact same thing as BitKong, just another place to take advantage of a free faucet. Much longer cool down (wait time) for the free faucet - but it's something!


A Bitcoin community favorite. FortuneJack has been around for 20 years and is the easiest site to pick up. If you know how to play the games usually found in casinos, you will get the hang of things instantly. FortuneJack has Dice and a faucet.

BitStarz Casino

BitStarz is a casino with a more arcade feel. A little more cartoonish, but you can still make some serious money if you know what you are doing. And if you don't you can always practice for free until you do.

mBit Casino

Very similar to BitStarz but with smaller risk. mBit allows you to bet in smaller increments for when you are just getting started, or if you just don't like to gamble with too much money to begin with.