Let Us Power Your

Online Poker Party

Learning a skill that could turn into a stream of income can be a great team building experience. 

If you run a group – big or small – we can bring in some fun and education by teaching your members something they can use.

How We Make It Happen

1.  We pick a date to host a coaching night at least three weeks out from now.

2. We make a post to introduce Poker Night to your group two weeks prior to the date.

3. We make a reminder post one week prior the date.

4. On Poker Night, we broadcast live from your group with our resident coach, Haven Brown.

During the first Poker Night, Haven will introduce himself, his wife, Emem, and will also talk about what our site and organization is about. Visual aids will be displayed during the stream as Haven explains the basics of poker for about 15 to 30 minutes. After going over the basics, the fun starts with a tournament. 

Consider offering a prize to the winner just to make things a bit more exciting for the group.

  After the first one, the next Poker Nights can consist of more coaching sessions, just tournaments, or both.