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Below are a few places we think serve up some good information on the game. Nothing covered here is rocket science, it's all a matter of how much time you can dedicate to reading.  Break one of these guides into sections and within a week, you'll be ahead of most that play the game. We also included a couple apps that will assist you if you'd prefer to learn that way.


The Poker Bank

The Poker Bank presents the easiest to follow guide you will find when it comes to No Limit Texas Hold' Em. If you are starting from zero. This is a good shortcut to jumping right in. Once you read this, you are ready!

Card Player Poker School

A complete school that will take you from beginning to end. You will learn everything there is to know for Hold 'Em and Pot Limit Omaha. If you create an account, this site will keep your progress and eventually, you can even graduate.

PokerStrategy is another curriculum designed to track your progress and give you graded quizzes much like Card Player School. The look of this site is a little bit more updated and it covers a few extra things. You may like this one more, depending on your style.


Poker Fighter

Just like there are a lot book and sites that teach poker, there are A LOT of apps that focus on doing the same thing. Poker Fighter makes a game out of learning and makes it fun to practice. Also, you can use this app on your phone or computer.

Optima Poker Trainer

Poker is something you never stop learning. Players that have been in the green for years can attest. Optima Poker Trainer is a tool that you can use to exercise and take notes with once you have learned a thing or two. This is a coach walking you through each players hand at a table so you know what to do and look for in multiple situations - from your prospective and your opponents.


Alright, it's time. At this point, you are at least good enough at the game to have a shot at winning some prizes!

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