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Poker vs. EVERYTHING Else In A Casino

Look inside any casino and you'll notice a pattern: the poker tables are always in the back. Why? Because the casino doesn't want to get involved with someone that knows that there is a strategy to the game  and really knows what they're doing. They would rather go the safe route and get their money just by hosting the game. Which doesn't make as much money as the other games.


Familiar Poker Faces

Back in the 70's,  it was always the same players seated at the final table of the World Series of Poker. The games popularity has experienced a few growth spurts since then. So, there are a lot more participants as well as tournaments to participate in. 


Chips = Pips

Michael J. Mauboussin 


Chips = Pips

As participants became more comfortable with the game, their business acumen grew stronger. 

Don't Do It Alone!

We're an online poker club that has tasked itself with introducing the great game and opportunity that is poker to as many people as possible.  Our priority is to change the perception of the game - to teach poker as the skill that it is. 

The real cool thing about us? We give members the chance to win prizes while we practice. Learn a skill with absolute zero risk with the chance (that will only increase as you get better) to win prizes.

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After you learn some basics, you can enter our free entry tournaments for a chance to win some cool prizes.  Or, look into getting a personal coach – learn with the group on Facebook and Discord.